Funeral services. Grave landscaping. Body repatriation

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Funeral Home
9 Lauku, Salaspils, Latvia

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  • Funeral services
    Funeral services
  • Respectfully hearses
    Respectfully hearses
  • Grave site landscaping
    Grave site landscaping
  • Repatriation of the deceased
    Body repatriation

Funeral Home "In Sensum"

People have a lot of trials, concerns and worries when lay their loved one to rest. Often people are not ready for it and do not know what to do and how to deal with it.

Our funeral home "In Sensum" Ltd. is ready to help you with funeral arrangements. We are a family business, founded on April 10, 2006, but our experience in the field of funeral services and the grave landscaping began in 1975. Let us do our best to ease this difficult period of mourning as well as completing all the necessary formalities

Funeral services include a full range of ritual services according to the wishes and requirements of our clients. By holding a traditional funeral ceremony, the funeral home guarantees a high quality of work and sympathy for the deceased's relatives. We know and understand how painful it is to lose people close to us, and therefore take great care in organizing the funeral.

Caring for our clients, we have been
improving grave sites, restoration and grave greening in Riga, Salaspils for more than 20 years and, if necessary, in any Latvian cemetery.

Funeral services in Riga and throughout Latvia

The funeral home "In Sensum" provides all funeral services and undertakes the landscaping of graves throughout Latvia. We provide round-the-clock assistance and work at all cemeteries in Riga and Latvia:

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