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9 Lauku, Salaspils, Latvia

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  • My dear parents passed away a few years ago, and life has developed so that I have been working abroad for more than a year. The friend’s husband said that the “In Sensum” funeral service offers grave care as one of the funeral services. I am a Christian, and it is important for me that the monuments of my parents are beautiful and well-groomed.

  • I want to express my great gratitude - the work, professionalism and compassionate, almost imperceptible presence alongside this funeral home was invaluable! On April 19th, we laid our dear mom, Erica, on her rest. My husband's colleague said earlier, "In Sensum” funeral office really understood what and how we wanted…". I have experienced the truthfulness of her words.

  • One of the few funeral homes that adds humanity to its work ... it really helped during this difficult time of my life. Many thanks to In Sensum and their responsible team for their help and support!

  • My father’s death cut the ground from under my feet so at first I didn’t know where to turn, what to do. Funeral home “In Sensum” with their humane attitude and quality work, gave me the most admired farewell that a person could wish for in such a situation. Thank you from all my heart!

  • Several years ago, while looking at funeral service offers in Riga, I stayed at the In Sensum funeral home. I remember that funerals were organized with them, a coffin, granite grave curbs, funeral flowers, a cross, and the grave monuments were selected, and subsequent greenery and grave care was arranged. The ceremony was very beautiful… I must say that I am still satisfied with my experience of that time.

Funeral services
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